Welcome to our parish family!

Thank you for choosing to join our parish family. To register as a member of the parish, please fill out this registration form or and email it to our office or stop by the parish office to fill out a form in person.

We also encourage you to sign up for the offertory envelope system or our online giving platform for making contributions to the parish. By doing so, registered parishioners are provided with annual statements suitable for tax purposes. To start using the offertory envelope system, simply select YES to the question below. Another option is to sign up for our online giving platform found on the parish website. The online giving system works well for the Sunday first collections and the monthly parish Ministries and Repair collections. Unfortunately, our online giving platform is not compatible with any of the other second collections, so the use of the offertory envelope system is very helpful for the scheduled second collections.

Please help us keep our information up to date by contacting the parish office when changes occur in your registration information, such as a new address, phone number changes, new family members and children who have left home.

Registered parishioners who use the offertory envelope system for making contributions to the parish are provided annual statements suitable for tax purposes.